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When I was a child, I was a very shy girl. 

I used to spend most of my time at home hiding in a closet, talking and playing with a friend that nobody but could see. In that little space, I co-inhabited with all the images that my imagination created; I could see anything I wanted.  


Now, I have found in Photography a way to communicate my inner world with the other. And, in a state of continuous daydream, I find inspiration in the everyday life to produce images. 

I'm interested in the minimum and what is close to me. With my work, I intend to understand something more universal and translate this poetic search into images.  


My relationship with photography has always been something natural and intuitive.  


I find essential the interpretation of the viewer and the intimate dialogue that can be created between the viewer and the artist through the work. 

To maintain this intimacy I'm interested in formalizing my body of work in the format of photobooks.  


Photography is a door to my inner world.


Now, I am hiding behind my camera, which allows me to reveal to others what I could see inside that closet. 

© ON Art Space by Tila Barrena

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