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Neamul adormit

April 28 - May 21, 2022

"Neamul adormit is a project that talks about the relationship Romanians have with death through religion. This is a personal project about my grandmother and her relationship with death, the objects and clothes that she has collected over the years and that she will wear on the day of her funeral. My grandmother's orthodox religion is full of rituals and traditions through which she lives daily with her own death and the death of others".

Marius Ionut Scarlat.

"In this work Marius makes a dissection of the idiosyncrasy that death entails through the life of his grandmother, a woman who has been stealthily preparing that essential moment for years through the gathering of different objects that she jealously keeps in a little box as well as the execution of different daily actions that she performs to give meaning to her own life. All with a clean, brave and essentially respectful look from the distance of knowing that he is no longer there. The result is a particular poetic anthropology with which she tries not only to give shape to her reflection but also to calm the anguish of a woman who needs to keep her rites alive in order to walk calmly towards an end in which she longs for those who are far away. In the process, the work is detached from the personal and is extended to other neighbors of the grandmother who discover other belongings or ask her for the photographs that will carry their tombstones. Rites that make death less cold and, essentially, less definitive."


Rafael Doctor Roncero.

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