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For years I have been assembling scraps, generally from reclaimed wood, and creating universes of forms. I work directly with the material in a kind of improvisation, without sketches or models, in a direct and fluid relationship.
I occupy the space with the material and play with presence and emptiness, and then I let the piece grow so that other pieces come and form a family. During the creative process, I spin stories freely in my head, without any intention of telling those stories to others, but just as an internal conversation to feed my creative energy.
I don't know exactly what my work is about, but I like it that way, that there is a hidden part to discover, it’s a mistery to me. In the end, it is only my enthusiasm to go to the workshop that marks that I am on the right path.
I try to find intuitive directions for my sculpture that overcome the need to be explained, aspiring to connect with the preverbal childlike nature present in each of us.

© ON Art Space by Tila Barrena

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