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(Gijon, 1980)

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country, he has carried out stays and residences in different countries, has received scholarships and grants for artistic production from private and public foundations, and his work has been awarded in various art competitions.           _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     

He has had individual exhibitions continuously since 2004, such as: "Punto y linea sobre plano", Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona (2021); “Like bees to the honey”, CCAI, Gijón (2018); “The other family”, Barjola Museum, Gijón (2020 and 2015); “Vagos y malantes” Gallery  Arancha Osorio, Oviedo (2016); “Living beings”, Guillermina Caicoya Gallery, Oviedo (2013): “The meat room”, Borágine Gallery, Avilés (2011); “Accessories” Altamira Gallery, Gijón (2006); “All mine”, Borrón Gallery, Oviedo (2004), among others.

He has participated in numerous collective exhibitions and national and international art fairs continuously since 2004, such as: Afordable Art Fair, London (2020); ArtMadrid (2020 and 2016); Manchester Contemporary Art Fair (2019); Open Studios Glogauair, Berlin (2019): ArtMarbella (2018); JUSTLX, Lisbon (2018); Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias (2015); ARCO Fair, Madrid (2010 and 2011); Loriant Interceltic Festival, France (2009); CIRCA, Puerto Rico, (2008); SCOPE, New York, (2008);  ART BASEL, Miami (2007).   

His work can be found in important art collections, such as the Talents Foundation, the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana (Cuba), the Alicia Aza Art Collection, or the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation, and in numerous private collections in Spain. , United States, Canada, England, Germany and Switzerland.

Jorge Nava is an abstract painter who focuses his work on form, color and gestures and explores the language of painting, promoting links between it and music, poetry and above all nature. His painting is an extension of his perception, the expression of an emotional territory.


Influenced by American abstract expressionism, he has inherited the desire for experimentation and his work, which "is born from the gesture  or rather from an impulse of his whole body", seeks to get closer and closer to the essence of painting, reducing its pictorial language to organic shapes and strong color contrasts on white backgrounds, which transmit energy and where matter, drips, transparencies and brush strokes and their characteristic games of chromatic forces are the protagonists.  

As the curator and art critic Oscar Manrique points out  “… in a world that bombards us with daily floods of images that lead us to a growing visual monotony and an increasingly processed and lacking in content is where languages like that of Jorge Nava resist, inviting us to stop again before a work of art, to think about it and discover its entrails”


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